CSRP Frequently Asked Questions

Which technologies does CSRP use?
Is CSRP a hosted softswitch service?
Is CSRP a PBX platform?
Is there an online interface demo?
How does CSRP pricing work?
How many routes can be loaded into CSRP?
Is inter/intra-jurisdictional routing supported?
Can CSRP CDRs be exported to a third-party mediation system for rating?
Does CSRP support LNP/LRN-based routing?
How many servers are needed to run CSRP?
What kind of server hardware is required to run CSRP?
Can CSRP run in a virtual environment?
Can CSRP work on a cloud server such as Amazon EC2?
What kind of customer devices can be connected to CSRP?
Does CSRP relay RTP media?
How many calls can CSRP handle, with and without media?
Can CSRP perform media transcoding?
Does CSRP support SIP registration?